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fifthmus's Journal

Twelve Nights of Hikago
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hikaru no go, fic exchange, hikago, fanfic, fanfiction
Welcome to Fifthmus, the Hikaru no Go Christmas exchange!

Rules are pretty simple.

1 - People submit three requests for a fanfic they would like to see written, and then receive someone else's requests.

2 - People must reply with a submission at least 500 words long.

3 – To be eligible, participants must have previously submitted to blind_go, another fic exchange, or a timed community challenge. If you've yet to do something of this sort, the moderators suggest participating in 31_days before June 1st.

Sign up deadline is by June 7th, with assignments being sent out June 14th. Fic submissions must be received by July 21st.

Posting will take place starting July 24th.

If you have any questions, contact aishuu or mmmdraco